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Modista By AAJK - Designers

Modista By AAJK


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Modista By AAJK Collections Online Dubai

Vesimi is proud to announce its brand partnership with Modista, an esteemed fashion event. We are not just here to ensure the successful organization of this fashion event but to give a platform for the designers and creators to meet with fashion fanatics of the world. The focus of Modista is displayed a style that reflects a story. For the luxe lifestyle lovers, this event is one of the most esteemed platforms to view trendiest and in-style clothing by leading innovative brands. This event brings together a breathtaking fusion of jewelry, apparels, accessories, artefacts, and other lifestyle goods for the fashion lovers.Not only does it present the creations of the established and distinguished designers of the fashion world, it also gives a platform for the budding fashion entrepreneurs and designers to showcase their innovative creations. Vesimi ensures that these established as well as emerging young exhibitors are welcomed by a classy and buying crowd. The coming together of Modista and Vesimi proves that organizers and exhibitors, when partnered together, can bring a sea of change in the fashion event world. Modista by AAJK Collections is one of the latest events being organized by Vesimi in different parts of India.